Agriculture - Interesting, Varieties



Agriculture - Interesting, Varieties

Engage the strength of big brands, strengthen the optimus agencies producing, perfect the relationship technique of upper class enterprises, bases as well as farmers' earnings, focus on 11 industrial chains, transfer flagship energy to major industries as well as crucial programmes, promote the large-scale as well as standardization of farming production through industrialization, and promote the industrial development and urbanization of country fields. In accordance to with and as a append to principles of agricultural producing, instead of little planting alongside the margins of districts midst person family or township assets, large blocks of agriculture area from an complete area or even from a number of areas have been carried into an comprehensive projecting try.

Support milk cow sex-control implant transplanting technology and another novel technologies, optimize range, strengthen infection prevention and illness murdering and checking system producing, perform scientifical leadership as well as large-scale activity and generate all trials in aiding the of fundamental as well as auxiliary industries. Check acting economical system as best industries, properly generate fine weather programme exercising, improve the quality of farmers, explore effectual markets in another cities, strengthen working service scheme dwelling and realize qualified benefit of 5 billion Yuan RMB.

Develop farming circumambiency structure, and increase farming whole production ability. Locate more endevours in environ frontier making, and have finished the manmade reforestation of 347, 000 mu.