Agriculture Learn, Role



Agriculture Learn, Role

Qiqihar City will meet the dual goals of fresh countryside producing as well as poverty-aiding and challenges seizing in a long term. Insist upon specializing the issue of ˇ° agriculture, countryside and farmerˇ±, taking the progress of modernistic agriculture as the aspect of force, taking the evolution of farming industrialization dealing as the cutting aspect, and consistently helping poverty-aiding and hindrances tackling and up-to-date countryside creating.

According to with and as a complement to principles of farming production, instead of small planting alongside the profits of areas midst person family or countryside resources, large obstructs of farming area from an complete township or even from few stations have been brought in an comprehensive scheduling try.

Support milk cow sex-control nucleus transplanting technique as well as another up-to-date ways, optimize diversity, strengthen epidemical preventing as well as disease murdering as well as sampling system erection, perform scientifical guidance as well as large-scale functioning and produce all efforts in supporting the of weighty and auxiliary industries. Farming elaborating became an appropriate matter as it was defined that social and economic modernization couldn' t be continuous without farming enlarging. Second, it was required to extend a deep land tenure scheduling system. The development of quick country industrialization and urbanization resulted into the conversion of many of land to non-agricultural uses. The reasonable treatment of land resources turned to more and more grave.

Locate more exertions in environment adjoin making, and have carried out the artificial forestation of 347, 000 mu.