Anshun: Some Facts, Varieties



Anshun: Some Facts, Varieties

Anshun City is one of the six gold tourism hot directions in China and the tourism center in the West of Guizhou.

Anshun is rich in tea. Its traditional craft of was printing has a record of more than 2, 000 years. Its industrial base at present had highly amplified owing to profound coal stores up that have given an wonderful energy origin.

Meanwhile, Anshun is praised for its brilliant cuisine. The city is pretty minimal, but the huge waterfalls as well as caves in the neighbouring district make this city a well known give up in most voyages to Guizhou. Anshun City has a well climate. It` s neither overly cold in hibernate, nor as well hot in summer. The yearly customary temperature in Anshun City is 14. 6 C, and it' s popular as the" big natural air conditioner". It` s a natural summer as well as winter resort. The regular height of Anshun is 1300 meters. In Anshun City, the anion is tall, and the light is tiny. The habitat here is outstanding for person life.

Unprecedented natural states, rich history and culture, colorful ethinic habits illustrate the true beauty, pristine attraction, image pleasure and gross glory of the tourism resources in Anshun City. Anshun Town is one of the individual startings. Anshun Town is an field where a number of nationalities real in mixed associations.

Corresponding to tourism climatology, the climate in Anshun City has general particularities of rise climate and pertains to the traditional plateau variety of watery subtropical monsoon climate with rich rainfall. The habitual annual downpour is 1360 mm.