Astana - Facts, Role



Astana - Facts, Role

Astana’ s actual placement in the core of the Eurasian mainland produces it an financially advantageous traffic, communication as well as machinery hearth, a unique transit span between Europe and Asia.

The city’ s economic system is formed on market, industrial manufacturing, transport, communication and construction. The city became one of the most enormous business centres in Kazakhstan. Astana is a huge political-administrative, business as well as cultural centre of the Republic. All nodal functionaries of the state, diplomatic missions, headquarters of native and foreign firms, leading universities, up-to-date clinical clinics and great cultural organizations are accomodated in this city. The resources town is associated with over twenty cities of the world through comradely sister city relations.

High tactics and innovatory ways of the XXI century urban evolution have been considerably utilized in structure the city. The well known creators from all over the globe achieved herein their best projects.

Astana’ s legation is to become a cultural as well as mental hearth of the Eurasian field and to play a part of the primary generator of Kazakhstan’ s solid processing.

Today Astana is the hub of the Eurasian field, where diverse newsgroups, congresses as well as another doings of universal notability are carried out. Congresses of Commanders of World and Traditional Religions, the Astana Economic Forum as well as another internationally momentous treats are maintained in the finance town on a usual basis.