Attacks - Types



Attacks - Types

Minor transport incidents can instantly strengthen to force while 1 or both parties are carrying arms that they are not doubting to utilise. All drivers included in incidents ending in injury may be apprehended as well as saved in safety custody in store study.

In several instances, police officers have been posted exterior clinic rooms of drivers who were injured, and they were not afforded to evade the country without judiciary interference. Abundant cases want the succour of personal local lawyers. Carjackings as well as auto thefts continue to be a serious perplexity. Cargo and transport theft is a key issue for organizations servicing in Guatemala.

Normally members are on motorcycles as well as pull up side by side a auto discontinued at a traffic light.

Taxi Seguro can be achieved at 2312-4243, and may not always be possible, especially late at night.


New inter-city vehicles propose few integrity from Highway violence, but armed strikes are expanding, indicating that all means of transport are exposed.

A number of adherents have trained carjackings and armed plunders after barely having happened on world flights, most mostly in the evening. Privy means of transport, taxis, and shuttle means of transport have all been scheduled.

Recently, many of these assaults have admitted place far from the airport, just as tourists were coming at their houses, or in lower occupied locations of the town. Victims who didn' t oppose the attackers weren' t physically injured. Imboldened armed robbers have assaulted means of transport on prior ways in wide day-time.