Basics Of, Facts - Countryside



Basics Of, Facts - Countryside

Energetically promote modern agricultural science as well as method, further optimize the internal foundation of planting industry, strengthen prime plants better industries producing as well as contrive the superior quality production of grain foundation of the state.

Set more efforts in environment frontier creating, and have carried out the manmade reforestation of 347, 000 mu.

Actively support the marsh gas tank dwelling in country places, and optimize the waste disposal degree of rural energy funds. Great intensions have been generated to elevate country medicinal treatment and national health undertakings and to reinforce the public health environment as well as medical treatment unit producing. Up-to-date country collaborative medicinal cure system and country medical attitude maintain scheme, and make an attempt to realize up-to-date collaborative medicinal care entire coverage.

Go on to do so the pilots as well as stimulate the developing of novel countryside making.

Seek miscellaneous facilities for present-day countryside structure, and contend for more schedule support. Bring the structure units' techniques in entire play and rightly control the implementation of making aid plans. Exceedingly complete the matters of 141 provincial-level pilot townships. Advance the rural prime institute construction, perfect the system of ˇ° one question, one discussionˇ± as well as ˇ° opening of countryside deals to villagersˇ± as well as succour Democracy governmental authority. Attentively make the second national farming enumeration problems.