Basics Of, Facts - Lanzhou



Basics Of, Facts - Lanzhou

This has three national forest districts as well as a art symbolizing the Yellow River.

Economy: In 2011, Lanzhou' s GDP counted 136 milliard Yuan ($ 22. 3 billion), an rise of Fifteen percent over the preceding age. The primary industry' s attached worthiness raised 5. 2 % year-on-year to 4 milliard Yuan. 3 percent elaborating in attached profit to acquire 52. The city realized total retail tradings of user items at 64 milliard Yuan, an increase of 17.

Customary money revenue totaled 8. Customary money worthwhile rose 19.

Structure has begun for Twenty-seven central government as well as domestic plans including investings garnering 15. The 66 grief recovery plans by Yuzhong Steel over-fulfilled the depositing plan, and string as well as hydropower area programmes have been locate into producing.

Farming production: Farming productions are increasing usually. 14 % year-on-year. In fall, grain contrive counted 254, 200 lots, an increase of 13.

63 percent year-on-year. Salary gain was 11, 037 Yuan, an extend of 14.

7 percent.

Occupation as well as public security: In 2011, the amount of new urban workers was 53, 900, and the recorded urban rate was 2.

The city stopped 18 contamination reduction projects the total year. Public undertakings: In 2011, there were 916, 000 students in Lanzhou, including 374, 000 students of college, 88, 000 vocational school students, 187, 000 middle school students and 209, 000 essential students of school.

The enrollment correlation in middle school was 90.