Basics Of, Implement



Basics Of, Implement

Implementation of brand policy is transmitted by the city to institution as well as carry out the scientific give out of progress, adjust and improve industrial organisation, improve the contentiousness of institutions an qualified course. In 2010, the town establishments to energetically perform the trademark strategy, brand activities engaged in aspiring to attain outstanding effects. Institution and fantastic mental property proper guarding system, promote competency sharing as well as pliant soaring, and save on and assemble facilities with scientific and technological plans as the carriers. Try to widen the processing industries like hefty info central electronic info, new practice of medicine and superb health, and new manufacturing objects.

Base as well as outstanding medical science cost beginning scheme, standardize the salary and expense management of medicinal cure organizations, correct the unidirectional accept inventing trend as well as solve the problem of hospitalization bothers as well as pricey from the origin. Reinforce the cultural building.

Create exquisite literature works with native indications as well as national habits, and fungus the cultural brand of Crane City. Aftertime develop association cultural making, and broaden public cultural acts.

Innovate cultural technique, develop personal cultural associations, attract abroad outlay, develop high-grade as well as high-taste cultural functional programmes, and consecutively stimulate the cultural industry growing. Pronouncedly attack pirated and unlawful promulgations, false advert of news media and another law-breaching ruling behaviors, and standardize the cultural trade order.

Augment sports industry.