Construct - Important Facts



Construct - Important Facts

Actively maintenance present-day agricultural science as well as method, further optimize the internal base of planting industry, strengthen significant crops outstanding industries dwelling as well as contrive the high quality grain production basis of the country.

Help milk cow sex-control bud transplantation technology as well as another fresh methods, optimize assortment, strengthen epidemical averting as well as disease assassinating and sampling scheme structure, perform scientific administration and large-scale function and produce all tries in promoting the transposition of important as well as auxiliary industries. Transmit scientifical as well as technological invention.

Marvelous trials have been generated to raise country medicinal care and public health undertakings and to improve the public health surrounding as well as medical concern team making. Improve the structure of town as well as village cultural area (office), focus on the expanding folk comprehending and literature and township and town culture. Increase country talent assurance pilots of different forms, and especially enlarge the minimum life bail job.

Keep on to do fine the pilots as well as rouse the processing of novel countryside building. Look for various probabilities for new countryside making, and attempt for more course bolster.

Swell tutoring style producing, and aftertime optimize the educational improving circumambiency. Realize ˇ° birth survey actionˇ± as well as expedite the new mechanism building of population and birth check.