Countryside Learn, What Is



Countryside Learn, What Is

Deep carry out ˇ° Agricultural Products Quality Safety Lawˇ±, and assure the quality safety of agricultural goods.

Insist upon supporting greediness eating trademark and taking the exact route, taking the operate in accomplishing the entire contamination-free planting of major agricultural commodities, with the green food planting filiation of 6. Maintain milk cow sex-control sperm transplant method and other up-to-date ways, optimize variety, strengthen epidemic impeding and sickness killing and testing scheme structure, perform scientific leadership and large-scale act and invent all exertions in promoting the of chief as well as auxiliary industries. Comprise the vigour of great trademarks, strengthen the 1st associations creating, perfect the dealing instrument of great organizations, bases and farmers' gainings, focus on 11 industrial chains, transfer 1st strength to common industries and grave plans, promote the large-scale and standardization of farming manufacturing per industrial development, and promote the industrialization and urbanization of rural fields. Revise competent economic system as best industries, properly make sunlight plan exercising, improve the quality of farmers, explore efficient markets in another cities, strengthen qualified tending system construction as well as understand working salary of 5 milliard Yuan RMB.

Countenance, support as well as guide the farmers to create numerous centres to enhance the cost of farming institute. Correctly operate agriculture area as well as water preservation producing, newly rise water-save irrigation field of 100, 000 mu as well as lately augment paddy branch of 100, 000 mu. Locate more trials in circumscribing barrier building, and have finished the manmade reforestation of 347, 000 mu.