Facts, Interesting: Employees



Facts, Interesting: Employees

Bound for debts caused. Deserves or benefits of office. City records sensible as discover.

Affirmed replicates of the records, papers as well as books of section officers or workers shall be admissible in discover while accepted by the security guard of such registers, books as well as records and attested by him lower his seal, if he have one; posed, that for releasing such authorized replicates the city shall obtain such charges as may be tendered by set of rules. Safety or bond not demanded. No performance shall be proclaimed or collected up on the basis of any decision that may be recovered contra the city, but the Council shall tender for the payments of sentences in the levying of duties following after the latter reconstruction of such sentences from the city.

All possessions of the city, including countries, houses, moneys, debts due the city, personal as well as real-life asset, and funds of each detailing property to the city, shall be exempt from application as well as sale; although the city shall generate operations, by taxation or in a different way, for the payoff of any as well as all duty incurred by the city. Goals.

Accountability of the city as well as limits thereon.

And posed, further, that to reserve the city probable in damages to anyone on account of any injury induced by any decrease in, obstruction on, or something another in connection with any street, alley or shopping mall, bridge, river bank, water track, or any national way, it have to be presented that the city superintendent, a partaker of the Council, or few man having government or regulation of the deal for the city had actual intelligence or actual notification of such mistake, obstruction or other location for a reasonable stretch of time before such injury was got, to have treated or guard aslant likewise level of the street, alley or shopping center afore the damage was acquired. Responsibility of officers as well as working men.