Facts About, Facts: Agriculture



Facts About, Facts: Agriculture

Qiqihar Town will face the dual plans of new countryside construction as well as poverty-aiding and troubles seizing in a long term. Insist upon focusing the case of ˇ° agriculture, countryside as well as farmerˇ±, taking the evolution of up-to-date agriculture as the aspect of energy, taking the expanding of farming industrialization dealing as the knifing aspect, and gradually supporting poverty-aiding as well as questions seizing as well as new countryside construction.

Since the realization of opening-up project, it has made several province-wide and even nationwide progressing in the fields of hub economy time, integration of sell, industry as well as agriculture, agricultural industrial development, property appropriate system reorganization for small-and medium-sized institutions, community tending for rural grounds, etc. Bycompetitiveness for countly level economy, it sorts No 33 amongst upper 100 departments (cities). In 2012, it reported grand peripheral good of RMB58. At the local position, they are determined in such a manner as to pose top integrity from prevailing roots of loss.

Paying similar attention to agriculture, Forestry as well as beast husbandry, researchers mixed biological and machinery operations in the establishment of soil as well as water preservation forest, with prairie as well as farm windbreak nets as the major aspects. Initiating with the wide Valley field, which spreads about Sixty kilometer, 102 agriculture area shelterbelts were designed, providing safety for roughly 2 200 ha.

Enhance farming circumambiency dwelling, and increase agricultural entire production competence.

Invent big attempts in the evolvement of agricultural implements collaboration enterprises and the promotion of concetrated ground large-scale action. Actively assist the marsh gas tank structure in country places, and enhance the sanitation ratio of country energy means. First, reform was demanded to enlarge agricultural work. While rapid country industrialization was reached, agriculture had gone into decline.