Facts About, Role - Construct



Facts About, Role - Construct

Energetically promote up-to-date farming science and technology, further improve the internal establishment of planting industry, strengthen prior plants magnificent industries dwelling as well as contrive the high quality production of grain base of the state.

Assist milk cow sex-control organism transplantation method and another new methods, optimize version, strengthen infection impeding as well as sickness homicide as well as trying scheme making, perform scientific administration and large-scale working as well as produce all exertions in supporting the of significant and auxiliary industries. Try to realize the manufacture institution of animal farming by 8 milliard Yuan RMB, which will be raised by 6.

Consist of the energy of giant trademarks, strengthen the leading organizations structure, perfect the correlation technique of great companies, bases as well as farmers' benefits, focus on 11 industrial chains, transfer 1st compel to grave industries and significant projects, promote the large-scale and standardization of agricultural production through industrialization, and advance the industrial development as well as urbanization of country regions. Strengthen agricultural environment making, and advance agricultural total manufacturing possibility.

Help the production-teaching-research combination, quicken the expanding of big and up-to-date technological industries, and foster the progressing of private scientific and technological concerns. Onwards raise organisation cultural building, and rise national cultural activities.

Activate the making of highways linking to fields and villages, with the accomplished length of Highway of 1567 km.

Heavily advance the attainments of Xingshisi Village of Gannan County. Usually uphold quality training.

The laborious boarding means as well as high values of air travel means the railway system is frequently more convenient, but its speed ought to be greater than 250km/ H to be a claimant. Augment the tutoring quality of customary supreme tall schools as well as fulfill educative requires of public.

Perform One hundred provincial-level and municipal-level scientific and technical schedule programmes formed on medium-scale and large-scale corporations.

Deeply advance communal Patriotic waste processing movement, and raise the communal health impeding and medical treatment scheme basis. Dress medicinal concern and public system of health reorganization, and develop common good public clinical attitude. Tune group national health operating bettering programme, perfect cooperation communal health servicing web and methods, and institution a fresh urban national health operating system.

Institute and magnificent practice of medicine cost starting scheme, standardize the income and cost guidance of clinical cure corporations, correct the unilateral income generating trend as well as determine the theme of hospitalization concerns as well as expensive from the origin.

Create exquisite literature works with native characteristics as well as national customs, and weed the cultural brand of Crane City. Energetically repair as well as keep cultural relics, unearth, clean up and salvage materialistic and non-materialistic cultural inheritance, intensify the history of civilization of Crane City, and apply for national-level historic and cultural prominent town.

Execute ˇ° birth attention actionˇ± and set off the new technique producing of men and birth command.