Facts About, What Is Dushanbe



Facts About, What Is Dushanbe

Current Dushanbe ironically is an aged city with big historic inheritance and concurrently it` s quite youthful. But when it arised within the location of the new city the secret hasn' t been able to be resolved.

The 1st mention of Dushanbe comes back to 1676. In the 19th century Dushanbe spanned an branch of 272 ha with a men of 710, 000 men.

Corresponding to diary of the Russian officer B. The 1st motor power was built in September 1924.

In 1938 within the sector of the Tajik SSR Gharm, Kulyab and Leninabad spots were set up. In the midpoint of the resources on the right side of Rudaki Avenue outputs, unique as well as prominent beyond the restrictions of Tajikistan are executed by the State of Russia thrilling theatre.

Institution alongside the avenue authorizes seeing a number of spots of income of nodal Dushanbe. In the apposite palm of the sculpture keeps the sign of national unity as well as revival of Tajikistan - a gold royal scepter. The sector to honour 800-years of Moscow is one of the most amazing squares of the city.

The theatre was disclosed in 1940; omitting classical repertory, traditional country concert hall as well as ballets are also accomplished. The Republican library abodes a number of 2 million books in different speeches. The professional Tajikistan theatre in Dushanbe appeared into life in 1929. It was established on the establishment of a examination group of art amateur performances.

This splendid museum of national architecture is placed by the Presidential palace. Here you may have pleasant meal of Tajikistan goods and take pleasure authentic as well as superb Tajikistan architecture.