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Features Of, What Does Mean - Council

Though, a tax delinquent on July 1 incurs a total penalty of twelve percent of the quantity of the unpaid duty without approval to the number of months the tax has been overdue.


96B. Overdue tax attorney. The City Council may agreement with any educated lawyer to act the City to finish the collection of its overdue taxes.

Obtain mean.


Benefit bonds. The Council shall have authority to furnish for the factors and versions of any receive consent, contract, mortgage, bond or paper eligible or crucial for the issuance of income bonds and the acquirement as well as preliminary of any such belonging or interest. One hundred.

All collected up benefit to date of repayment of the keeps on of selling shall be saved in the City station.

Sale of bonds. No bond proclaimed by the City shall be sold till after the factors have been thought and the selling has been recognized by City Council.

Payment of deposit.

In any tax age, in supposition of the picking up of the AD valorem land tax for such year, whether collected or to be assessed in such year, the Council may by resolution authorisation the taking of money by the issue of disputable notations of the Town each of which shall be specified ' tax supposition note for the 19" (stating the tax year). Such notations shall full-blown and be beneficial not then than the result of the tax age in which proclaimed, and may be harmless by the promise of the AD valorem asset taxes for such year.

Taking in anticipation of other revenues.







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