Important Facts, Learn - Construct



Important Facts, Learn - Construct

Energetically assist new agricultural science and method, further optimize the internal structure of planting industry, strengthen main plants premium industries creating as well as contrive the high quality grain production foundation of the country.

Support milk cow sex-control mesh transplantation method as well as other novel tactics, optimize range, strengthen pollution preventing and disease homicide as well as sampling system producing, perform scientifical direction and large-scale dealing as well as produce all exertions in aiding the transposition of weighty as well as auxiliary industries. Commonly complete the medium-term and long-run scientifical and technical projecting, strengthen the scientific as well as technological invention system making, strengthen the independent novation capacity as well as build an innovatory city. Duly act farmland as well as water conservancy making, newly expand water-save irrigation sector of 100, 000 mu and recently raise paddy area of 100, 000 mu.

Marvelous efforts have been done to develop country clinical concern as well as national health undertakings as well as to enhance the national health circumambiency and medical cure team producing. Fresh rural collaborative medical attitude system and rural clinical attitude maintain scheme, and try out to comprehend new collaborative clinical care total service area.

Seek miscellaneous possibilities for new countryside making, and contest for more way help. Bring the construction units' functions in total play as well as exactly command the implementation of dwelling aid programmes. Purely fill in the issues of 141 provincial-level pilot townships. Improve the country prior establishment erection, perfect the system of ˇ° one matter, one discussionˇ± and ˇ° opening of countryside acts to villagersˇ± as well as support backs up direction. Heedfully operate the second national agricultural interview challenges.

Carry out ˇ° birth review actionˇ± as well as transfer the novel technique producing of people as well as birth rule.