Important Facts, Learn Laixi



Important Facts, Learn Laixi

Additionally, it has two country highways and five regional highways sitting in its place. Thus, it is a transport centre in the Jiaodong Peninsula.

It' s one of China' s best graphite producing and exporting bases. The agriculture in the town peculiarities peanuts, vegetables, fruits as well as beast farming.

This takes pride of generous water means. Chanzhi Reservoir (Laixi Lake), the most enormous in the Jiaodong Peninsula with a whole competency of 402 million cubic meters, is placed in the North of the city area. Dagu River as well as Zhuhe River circle the urban branch in the East as well as the West accordingly, and six another rivers move all along the urban area. Laixi has concrete industrial advantages.

1st, the industrial clusters. Secondly, agricultural industrial development. It' s cited as a country upper town in circumstances of meal industry, the country thorough demonstration town for normalized producing of farming products and the 1st city in Shandong Province for the agricultural industrialization.

Twelve domestic corporations, including Wanfu, Jiulian as well as Topsen, have been concerned as the country marvelous optimus concerns in the eating industry. Ternary, an Ecology-oriented city. Laixi takes pride in the fine evolving circumambiency. First, sound operates as well as splendid circumambiency. The city has united as well as elaborated three clusters of industries in the urban district, the South as well as the West correlatively as well as five specialty industrial scenes. Meanwhile, the city has mostly advanced 98 field meters of property for the plan on transportation, electricity, water, communications as well as drainage.