Important Things: Common



Important Things: Common

The old city district will be renewed to be a conventional corporation and housing centre over organic arrangement. Big-scale financial facility mainly combines organisation centre in old district of city, business centre in economic improving zone, business centre in the North component of the town. Three rings: inside ring, third halo course, fourth ring space route.

Inward annular space as the life annular space provides public servicing to the persons in downtown. The third halo road links multifarious aim lands in the town, which is the fundamental route.

There're equal tending services, middle schools and fundamental schools in variable subdivisions. 2 weighty schools and 1 younger middle school are planned in this district.

The house-building competence of the South part of the city is for 35 thousand people. Newly, the centre of the seriousness is in the East segment, for the course net among this district and the old district of city does not relation hence fine.

It' s independently actually to 2 dwelling filiation in the West side and North side. 2 middle schools as well as 2 significant schools are projected.

Exclude reserving Zhe Kezhen Middle School, Zhongtang Middle School is transported to the Southeast crossroad of longitude 8 track as well as selection 10. National major center in the North segment of the city: it` s the newly political, economic as well as center of culture of Shangyu. National sub centre of the aged town district: kind municipal public sub center with concluded aim of company as well as travel industry.

Twelve points: dozen association centres of business.

Fifteen streets: fifteen special streets (districts). Sports centre in the North branch of the city: in the citizen center, mainly for numerous ball playing grounds for the mass.

Invent up medium and tiny center of sports in peripheral and dwelling ratio corresponding to the country classic, both in the new and old city district, form profound as well as finished sports facility system.