Important Things, Facts: Kazan



Important Things, Facts: Kazan

Transportation pattern reform was performed in Kazan in 2007, which affirmed assuming the city public convey comfortable for individuals efficiently merger the land transportation as well as tunnels in a singular system. In the next to coming the plans grant for providing the passage payment system built on app of contactless obliging smart cards.

Kazan is a key traffic centre. There` re a rail and bus stops, a river haven and an international airport. Kazan is an attractive site for foreign investors. Presently there` re over a hundred partnerships with foreign investments filed in the town, as well as 150 assignee organizations of oversea institutions. Kazan is a large commercial and industrial centre of Russia.

Kazan enjoys exceedingly qualified team probable. The city is popular, as one of the most enormous institute hubs of Russia: 6 universities as well as over 20 communities where over 147 thousand learners are experienced. The economic system of Kazan advances instant. The total peripheral product for last five years has grown by 2 times as well as in 2006 achieved 7, 0 billion Us dollar. Kazan Smart City frauds on the foreground of two connected trendlines, emerging markets processing and the emergence of universal, smart cities. Kazan Smart City will as well refer one of the most pushing challenges this moment siding the world, sustainable progressing.

Template of presume in Kazan from the trusty worldwide financial-credit firms is finale in 2005 of the covenant on delivering by the World bank of restoration and processing of the grant in volume of 125 mln.