Important Things, Value - Agriculture



Important Things, Value - Agriculture

Qiqihar City will meet the dual objects of new countryside construction as well as poverty-aiding and hardships tackling in a long period. Insist on focusing the theme of ˇ° agriculture, countryside as well as farmerˇ±, taking the developing of modern agriculture as the point of force, taking the processing of farming industrialization operation as the knifing point, and frequently supporting poverty-aiding as well as impediments seizing and new countryside creating. Since the realization of opening-up policy, it has made few province-wide as well as even national enhancing in the fields of middle economic system synchronization, integration of market, industry as well as agriculture, agricultural industrialization, property right scheme reorganization for small-and medium-sized associations, community service for rural districts, etc.

In accordance to with as well as as a amount to rules of agricultural manufacturing, instead of minimal planting along the profits of districts amidst person family or township total assets, large blocks of farming section from an total area or even from few fields have been carried in an comprehensive scheduling essay. Farming developing turned to an fabulous trial as it was mentioned that public as well as economic modernization couldn' t be continuous without farming expanding. Second, it was needed to develop a extensive land tenure projecting system. The action of swift country industrialization and urbanization caused the transmutation of a huge deal of land to non-agricultural employs. The qualified use of land reserves became more and more crucial. There were very difficult disputes. Develop farming entourage construction, and enhance farming full manufacture competence. Invent big attempts in the improving of farming instrument cooperation corporations and the promotion of concentrated property large-scale job. Actively promote the marsh gas tank building in country locations, and enhance the waste disposal position of country energy resources.