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Community environmental guarding resources are carried out, reliable running skill, environmental protection operates with the important segment of producing fulfill synchronized work floor is upper 95%. Now, the organization has based a multiplicity of environmental pollution catastrophe emergency method scheme as well as the surrounding. Organizations adhere to the" guided by the scientific position on development, environment security as well as solid evolving conception throughout the overall activity of production as well as activity of enterprise, strict realization of national environmental course, efforts to obtain serene producing, promoting recycling economy and help economical privilege, social gain as well as environment revenue coordination, speed up the construction a resource-conserving as well as environment-friendly enterprise" development scheme.

Business accurately conformable to pollutant of report and register scheme, and in time whole fixed volume to linzhou town environmental safety executive departments pay off pollutant discharge compensation. To gain sustainable progressing, the establishment corresponding to the developing of itself and bettering objectives, through the foundation of sound entourage leadership scheme, ISO14001 environment administration scheme, further better the degree of way technology and outfit, continued to promote lucid manufacturing, increased outlay in environmental security, strengthen environmental safety resources acting management, strengthen the recycling, the direction like take the trail of circular economic system to take the firm' s improving strategy.