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Interesting, Things - Brand

In October 2006, 28, 29. The sixth Hebei langfang name pigeon show in langfang worldwide consultation as well as show center was assisted fortunately.

Chinese bearer duck enterprise as well as vice President of the art individuals at the starting ceremony generated a main oration. A surname men at the same time points out, carrier dodge sport in our country has been elaborating mightily, at display the homing douse has become an industry, the exhibition industry, carrier plunge trade, related instrument, food etceteras, has made a industrial network, the industry chain further marketization will query to show.

In 2007, Nov. For the 1st time to People' s Republic of China international dive categorize vice Chairman, Chairman of the KBDB at present, international plunge group vice President, Hungary pigeon corporation, Chairman of the DouSi are specialised to felicitate the in proportion, and take this opportunity to address the meeting to our Chinese dip fanciers carried the most right greetings.

In 2007 the annual fair function in langfang, langfang name douse exhibition the langfang municipal party committee and the city administration granted improved unit, included in the langfang city, one of the centre fair.

Held the first People' s Republic of China beneficiary dove sports output as well as the ninth China langfang name dear fair.

The fair in the duck enterprise, Hebei area sports corporation, langfang town hosted by the administration of the people, invited from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Great Britain, Hungary, etc more than ten countries as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan areas, domestic reputed douse well known as well as the world prominent pigeons maker 217 organizations, set up the international name duck show, exhibition, homing douse pigeons culture culture fair, carrier duck BBS speech. World dove group chairperson, Mr Lai line, international incline group vice President, international incline League stateless secret, state customary management of sport executive helpmate XiaoMin maiden, China douse firm, vice President of China, Mr.

The fair invited from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Great Britain, Hungary, etc more than ten states and Hong Kong and Taiwan locations, domestic popular dear known and the world known pigeons creators more than two hundred establishments, set up the GuanShangGe booth. The number of exhibitors and fracture through story, three days to thirty thousand people. Langfang incline exhibition in province of Hebei has turned into the centre of langfang town, sports and window, also turn into the universal pigeons holy table hard popular trademark exhibition. On November 12, 2011-13 supported the 11th China langfang call plunge show.

Worldwide dodge categorize vice President, the pigeon community displaced human, provincial public as well as the city sports committee WangHongSheng chief, deputy director of ZhaoQingChun connected heads tended the opening ceremony as well as exhibition.