Interesting, Things Adana



Interesting, Things Adana

Novel utilizes of current glass products as well as structural methods too as profound choice of spectacular materials are thought to be utilised in this creating. The supreme concept is to do a plain habitat that consists overall of visual surprises and nice fulfilment. A prudent administration of the texts, light as well as color of all building fragments appoints an inclosing skin that is lasting. The glazed wall of the fair hall enables more natural light in as well as releases ideal entourage for the show of definite kind of benefits as well as sculptures that are best to be discovered lower real light.

A walkway set on the top of the show hall allows visitors to reimagine contemporary making schedule. With the help of the avenue pedestrians will be capable to delight the view of the vision while rambling, to investigate erection systems as well as also to possess a visual admission to the fair space over glazed packaging panels underneath the bridge base. The principal entry of the construction commences to the wrinkle where all the tends can be accessed from ground level involving organizations, theatre, exhibition sector and cafeteria.

A slopping component of the dwelling with the bordering balance as well as dealing scheme is the office close that outcomes at the height of 24 meters. A doublet skin of apparent channel glass allows for a position of use light for exhibition space when structure purpose within the existing backyard and the shell for the slopping pedestrian overpass. Institution of glass and harden is achieved in the enriched plan that' s theatre.



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