Interesting, Varieties Common



Interesting, Varieties Common

Three centers: North branch of the town, economic bettering region, old city district.

The aged district of city will be renovated to be a conventional enterprise as well as housing center through organic compromise. The riverbank district in economical evolving district will kind a corporation centre working the processed making industry. Three rings: in ring space, third halo way, fourth annular space itinerary.

Domestic ring as the life annular space distributes public operating to the men in downtown.

Learners in junior middle school are partially boarders. 2 essential schools and 1 younger middle school are projected in this district.

The housing possibility of the aged district of city is for Sixty people for thousands. Its projecting focuses on improving residential level, providing surroundings as well as overt space.

It generally has multi-tier dwelling in the North. The residential competence of the South branch of the city is for Thirty five thousand people.

2 middle schools as well as 2 basic schools are scheduled.

Communal sub center of the aged town district: shape municipal national sub center with accomplished act of firm as well as travel industry.

Communal sub center in the West piece of the city: sort center of public best by business and contemporary commerce. Managerial centre is allocated on the crossroad of thirdly ring space route as well as Jiangdong course, which engages government direction, citizen tending, city fair et cetera.

One municipal organisation centre.

Xv streets: xv special streets.

Do up 11 hospital consisting of the municipal full hospitals as well as exact clinics in the scheduling center city. Support and improve the diseases ruling act of communal centre of diseases command in the entire town.

Amend the crucial medicinal as well as health purpose of Baiguan Health Center in Baiguan.