Interesting About, Facts: Bengbu



Interesting About, Facts: Bengbu

Associated by rivers and hills, it has ascertained four seasons as well as good climate.

As the cradle of the Huaihe River Culture, Bengbu has a long history of culture. Bengbu also has rich historical and cultural means and colorful prospects of defence and evolving.

Longzihu as well as Bengbu Sluice Water Conservancy Scenic Zone are also state-level water funds scenic fields. Mt.

On Mt. Jinshan are there ' the 7th-greatest Spring in China"Bairu Spring praised by Su Dongpo, a person of letters in Northern Song Dynasty, Wanghuai Tower, Qiwang Palace as well as the set where the narrative " Bianhe Embrace Jade" happenedBianhe Den.

The military of both slants were over ten thousand.

With the water area of a hundred thousand Mu, it is the largest new water lake in Northern Anhui Province general for its plentiful gauntlet crabby person. One time in April of Hongwu second year

Herein reeds are covered and savage flock of ducks in common. 1 can increase in the partition for fishing, rowing, birds noticing and Italian crab making an attempt to take pleasure the funs of character and flavour the emotional nostalgia.

Tu Mountain is the set for Da Yu, a fabled hero who used to discomfit the overflow of the Huaihe River and acquired married here in the ancient time.

The persons dance, features a daring, bright, witty, graceful movement glossary, is esteemed as the" Eastern Ballet" by Premier Zhou Enlai.

The exquisite workmanship and low-priced price are reputed with ancient collectors from Southeast Asia, Japan as well as even Australia.