Interesting About, Types Ankang



Interesting About, Types Ankang

Ankang has a total of 430 kinds of wild animals, of which 34 were systematized as national preventing unprecedented animals.

Ankang is wealthy in Chinese herbal treatments, with over 1290 types of species. Ankang is a quiet as well as more traditional town in Central China.

Ankang is a significant establishment for forest and beast husbandry. The grassland overlays an section of 3, 140, 550 mu as well as the speculative beast amount of the grasslands is 3, 445, 000. The wood area is 2, 132 mu and the forest scope of Ankang is 56. The stumpage has achieved 55, 540, 000 cubic meters, accounting for 20. The plant foundation of green industry embraces an branch of over 000 mu. Ankang ought to reserve is environmental impact analysis as well as enlarge its industries for the wellness of its men. With the global idea of developing circular economical system for the welfare of the persons as well as the well-being of the town, eco-tourism is the top strategic choice for Ankang, and this has become one of the most instant growing industries with big achievable. For 5 years, Ankang focused on the erection of 30 core travel industry townships as well as cities as well as 1 thousand demo families for traveller firm, actively opened resources for turning into native manifestation villages for rural travel industry and prominent travel industry towns. Now, there are 27 star-rated hotels and bars and 21 tour agencies, providing work for over 200 thousand people.

Ankang airport frauds only 17 kilometers West to the city centre.