Learn, Facts Construct



Learn, Facts Construct

Actively uphold contemporary agricultural science and technology, further improve the internal foundation of planting industry, strengthen significant plants wonderful industries dwelling as well as generate the high quality production of grain institution of the state.

Contain the energy of large logotypes, strengthen the uppermost associations erection, perfect the relation technique of upper class enterprises, bases and farmers' comings, focus on 11 industrial chains, transfer flagship compel to clue industries and essential programmes, promote the large-scale as well as standardization of farming production through industrialization, and advance the industrialization as well as urbanization of country areas. Perfect farming structure, and expand farming entire production facility.

Aid the production-teaching-research combination, quicken the evolvement of high and new technical industries, and train the elaborating of privy scientific and technological agencies. Gorgeous efforts have been made to grow country medicinal treatment and national health undertakings as well as to develop the national health as well as medical concern unit making.

Assistance rural drinking water security scheme building, 360 wells have been drilled and the drinking water integrity topic of 208, 000 has been determined. Place more intensions on the total countryside help for poverty-aiding and progressing, and 60, 000 people from 163 villages have been expelled need. Keep to do so the pilots and trigger the bettering of new countryside creating.

Very help the experiences of Xingshisi Village of Gannan County. Straightforwardly promote quality teaching.

Increase the register of expert education, make trials to cultivate significant as well as superior have experience of type facilities, undertake labour coaching in rural areas, organize unemployed crew act as well as re-employment coaching, Construct national instrument industry capacity trying establish as well as exercising ground for competent energy transmitted from rural areas; better countly level staff teaching centre structure, and concentrate on Ten national-level as well as provincial-level illustrative pilot specialist schools. Advance the coaching quality of usual superior tall schools and suit educational orders of society.

Richen medicinal cure as well as public health system reorganization, and elevate overheads public clinical concern.

Standardize as well as produce 69 cooperation national health servicing corporations, which could cover 75% of the city people. Invent a fresh region women and kids health defending centre, alter as well as spread 2 district hospitals as well as 1 region ordinary Chinese clinical hospital. Land and excellent medicine expense starting scheme, standardize the profit as well as expense administration of medical cure firms, correct the unilateral profit assuming tendency as well as define the affliction of hospitalization concerns and pricey from the resource.

Energetically renew as well as save cultural relics, unearth, clean up and save materialistic as well as non-materialistic inheritance of culture, intensify the cultural chronicle of Crane City, and use for national-level historical as well as cultural popular city.

Increase sports industry.

Develop facilities for sports in communities, squares as well as other place of public, and start nationwide fitness platform. Fortunately organise the Group 1 Tournament of World Ice Hockey Games in 2007, properly make the 11 th National Winter Games in 2008, and optimize the fitness sports position. Appropriately do population and birth ruling purposes.

Firm up the low abundance rate ratio as well as resolve the population obstacle in accordance to policy in whole.




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