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Learn, Interesting - Center

But, the objects entourage as well as info network producing of Gongzhuling lags at the back of, and appliances data program hasn' t still accomplished, with a shortage of data tracking scheme as well as web servicing scheme, which can not see the demand of market, and we ought to augment the tension of information services; with e-commerce system, through the interfused utilization of PC networks, GPS world-wide satellite positioning, GIS geographic data system perfect technique, realize the modification as well as complementary distribution of This to habitual traffic sector; this heavily improves the utilization position of despatched means, and the rate of up-to-date governmental authority.

Simultaneously, restaurants, garages, and info servicings industry is profoundly lagging behind; hence, we ought to change the vulnerability of Gongzhuling City in this regard, which sits a onerous establishment for the institution of the auto equipment center. Domestic-oriented, focusing on the Northeast, North China instruments trade.

The project outlines to the country strategy of revitalizing the northeast old industrial establishment, the ˇ° 12th Five-Yearˇ± Plan of Jilin Province, and domestic scheduling of the park. The country, province as well as city also have linked auxiliary schemes for the growing of implements.

In the instrument center, e-commerce trading platform as well as programme scheme erection subject comprise information center, business centre, trading centre, distribution centre, settlement centre, and safe verification administration center; it' s blended to chief appliances centre website, small, medium as well as large-sized associations in the feature of information, transaction, business and technology, thus generating a marketing web, transaction network, information exploration Internet site, and auxiliary decision-making Internet resource that may aid e-finance, information and shopping lead services, online ordering and allotment governmental authority, monitoring of items as well as expense dynamics, production and flow projections, forecasting, early word of caution acts, and with acceptable show, clear scheme, complete methods, and mighty light. Therefore, the construction of electronic commerce programme for equipment hubs is founded on the flow as achievement, takes the Internet economic system road of info technique - commodities - enduring development of the industry.

It is a enormous balance info scheme schedule that means the government' s economy principle as well as controls decision-making, promotes the economical advancing of Jilin Province, and widens the value-added network of information network. Gongzhuling Town keeps all varieties of gifts in study programme, engineering and tech consulting operates. Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Siping Institute of Science and Technology, Gongzhuling City Vocational Education Center supplies talent guarantee for the development of Gongzhuling City, complete competence culture, growth scheme has been formed.

Gongzhuling has explicit gainings in qualified origins, and the fraction of skillful labourers owns a high level in the northeastern cities. In the surrounding of producing website, the environ is complete, transportation is relevant, and the origins details desired by production are comparatively finished.

Traffic arteries run through this. It` s a traffic group in the three northeast counties.

The entire way is combined by highways.