Learn, Interesting: Ahwazi



Learn, Interesting: Ahwazi

Ahwazi rioters, donning meet masks, angrily yelled crucial slogans opposite the miss of good acts than those awaited to be got by domestic officials to extenuate the distress of the Ahwazi persons therefore of the constancy of the dust storms. The Iranian occupation security forces, by taking tight preventive scales, scattered and hit essential rebels in yesterday’ s exhibition. The occupying integrity forces, in intensions to quell the national anger of Ahwazi Arab rioters, have strategically as well as cruelly beaten up as well as handcuffed a categorize of Arabic rebels who played momentous duties in organizing the still protest. The pert operations of police security forces in business relationship with the protest resulted in the halt of dozens of core activists as well as organizers who were kicked and punched savagely and admitted to unknown set by the occupying forces. The safety forces the put up gross barricades to stave off protesters from elaborating to another positions. The troop arrests were performed rapidly, just thirty minutes from the initiate of the protest while remonstrants lifted banners and started chanting slogans condemning the criminal patterns of the work administration.

Not surprisingly, Cancer and respiratory illnesses are on rise midst desperate poor Ahwazi Arab individuals.

No report has been liberated on the number of Ahwazis who were acknowledged to clinics or clinics after being influenced by the duster. However, the earnings of the rich true resources of Al-Ahwaz don' t attain the common Ahwazi citizen.