Learn, Role: Chittagong



Learn, Role: Chittagong

The 1st railway joining the Harbour toAssam was initiated in 1895.

It' is connected by air with Dhaka, Bangkok and Kolkata. Attempts at connecting Chittagong by course with central Bengal however, predate Sher Shah by about 2 centuries. This was the 1st prior way associate between these two towns of which there is lucid registry.

There' s discover that Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah, the self-maintained Governor of Sonargaon, after his conquest of Chittagong, built a martial way linking Chittagong with Chandpur. In 1898-99 of the overall space of 577 miles of way in the Chittagong district, just 1 mile was metalled, that being the Maheskhali Strand route alongside the port' s shore.

The primary courses run in the northeasterly as well as southeasterly commands from Chittagong. Around this time motor vehicles, brought in by several zamindars as well as Europeans, could be watched in the town.

Round about 1924-25 taxicabs were 1st imported midst Chittagong and few nearby positions as Hat Hazari, 12 miles from Chittagong as well as Nazirhat, 23 miles elsewhere. Taxis as well used the Ramgarh Road, which ruled northeastern from the town to the margin of the district.

Rickshaws were first introduced in the town in 1947. There` s a fine path junction between the city centre and the airport and passengers may get this by motorcar, bus and auto-rickshaw.

Average lots of truck packed with all varieties of goods can at the moment be noticed plying the on ways. 150, 000.

The railway junction was built on the metre calculate of 3' 33/ 8". The Chittagong Shah Amanat International Airport is placed on the bank of the river Karnafuli as well as is about Eleven kilometres from the city hub.