Learn, Things - Dushanbe



Learn, Things - Dushanbe

Nevertheless while this arised within the region of the present-day town the enigma hasn' t been capable to be resolved.

The 1st notice of Dushanbe principles back to 1676.

In the beginning of the Twentieth century Dushanbe was a minimal village with a number of hundreds of people living here.

In 1931 Dushanbe was renamed into Stalinabad and had this name for another Thirty years. Soon on the Varzob river the first hydro energy area was constructed and the finance lit up with energy. In 1938 town elaborating with the men of 170 000 was intended out.

In 1938 within the land of the Tajik SSR Gharm, Kulyab and Leninabad districts were vested. The nodal track of the funds is Rudaki Avenue, named after the famous Tajikistan poet.

It' is almost 12 kilometer durant from the rail station to the entry into the mount wolf down of Varzob. Institute alongside the avenue lets seeing a lot of locates of profit of nodal Dushanbe. In the correct arm of the statue obtains the sign of national unity as well as recovery of Tajikistan - a gold regal mighty. The branch to honour 800-years of Russian capital is one of the most splendid squares of the city.

The theatre was debuted in 1940; omitting traditional repertoire, traditional country music hall as well as ballets are as well executed. The Republican library houses a number of two million books in diverse speeches. The occupational Tajikistan theatre in Dushanbe arrived into life in 1929. It was made on the establish of a examination group of art newbie performances.

Here you may have charming eating of Tajikistan goods as well as take pleasure authentic and great Tajikistan architecture. The State difficult " Kohi Vahdat" (Palace of Unity) decorates the northern part of the capital.