Learn, What Does Mean: Agriculture



Learn, What Does Mean: Agriculture

Qiqihar City will face the dual objectives of present-day countryside building as well as poverty-aiding as well as handicaps tackling in a long run. Persist upon focusing the subject of ˇ° agriculture, countryside and farmerˇ±, taking the evolvement of present-day agriculture as the aspect of might, taking the evolvement of agricultural industrial development job as the cutting aspect, and gradually maintaining poverty-aiding as well as challenges seizing and fresh countryside building. Since the realization of opening-up tactic, it has made a number of province-wide as well as even nationwide processing in the areas of commodity economy synchroneity, integration of market, industry and agriculture, agricultural industrial development, property right system reform for small-and middle-sized corporations, community tending for country places, etc.

Insist upon maintaining meanness food trademark and accepting the exact track, taking the lead in understanding the complete contamination-free planting of principal agricultural commodities, with the green meal planting sector of 6. Reinforce farming infrastructure construction, and optimize agricultural overall manufacture capability. Generate big efforts in the processing of farming programs collaboration communities as well as the promotion of fixed ground large-scale function. Actively assist the marsh gas tank making in rural fields, and rise the sanitisation ratio of country energy means. First, reform was necessary to advance agricultural acting. While speedy rural industrialization was attained, agriculture had gone into reject.





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