Learn About, Interesting Konya



Learn About, Interesting Konya

Konya is the centre of a spiritual pilgrimage: it' is the hitting heart of Sufi mysticism in Turkey. The Whirling Dervishes are the most known sign of Sufism, and Dervish shows are a footing of tourism through Turkey as well as commonly in Istanbul.

Rumi is most well known in the West for his hugely splendid Persian poetry; his picking up named Mathnawi is utterly translated as well as regarded a literary pinnacle.

Rumi’ s Tomb is embordered in the Mevlana Museum, the principal traveller gravitational pull as well as fundamental point in Konya. Visitors discontinued to pray as well as span with upturned arms at the tombs within the museum: this is, for lots of visitors, a travel.

The museum also involves wax exhibits that illustrate the historical usages of each part of the arduous, making this approachable even for those who comprehend minimum about Sufism.

The city is of course conservative— headscarves are the rule midst local women as well as my attempts to disclose a curl were met with incredulous laughter— but everybody I collided was barely variant as well as hospitable.

The Whirling Dervish fulfilment by its temper is symbolic and contemplative.

As the work neared its termination, the music postponed, and the artists began a singing, a prayer.

There’ s a incentive we watch live performances, there’ s a occasion that the Whirling Dervishes continue to be such a captivate to adherents and non-believers alike: we're capable to training these astonishing cases hand in hand, to feeling united to every another, to look for our augur. I am not a Sufi, nor am I primarily religious, but I was extremely transmitted.