Meaning Of, Learn China



Meaning Of, Learn China

Expectancy that over the standard attempts, attract more foreign comradely people to our country, in our country on the basis of the self-directed duck sport publicity on our show, make our langfang plunge show become universal prominent douse fair.

In 2007, Nov.

Country normal guidance of sport social sports administrative centre helpmate superintendent, vice Chairman of the dear company, a surname persons to langfang incline fair stored fortunately tendered tall evaluation and convey plenty of expected outcome, langfang town people' s government mayor Wang, zou Secretary-general, Hebei region TiZong, provincial institution leadership, the town Bureau of sports, civil operations department and another linked region leaders as well as guests tended the starting ritual as well as reception, congratulations. The show of the job to do extremely nice, this exhibition can perfectly and the planet' s greatest messenger pigeon expert show Germany DV fair comparable!

The fair in the dodge association, Hebei region sports system, langfang city hosted by the administration of the individuals, invited from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Great Britain, Hungary, etc over ten countries as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan districts, domestic prominent dear prominent as well as the globe well known pigeons producer 217 organizations, set up the world title honey fair, exhibition, homing honey pigeons culture culture fair, carrier douse BBS talking to. International incline group President, Mr Lai line, international incline group vice President, international bend League displaced secret, state conventional administration of sport director helpmate XiaoMin girl, China pigeon company, vice President of China, Mr.

GuanXiaoPeng homing dip firm invited vice President Mr. ZhangJianXin, langfang city people' s government, vice mayor Li, vice mayor of Lu, sports committee Wang and another related commanders tended the beginning rite as well as fair.

Langfang dip show in province of Hebei has turned into the hub of langfang town, sports and window, also grow into the world pigeons communion table heavyweight famous trademark exhibition.

Langfang incline show is langfang town, Hebei district sports essential and set, and as well the world pigeons communion table renowned trademark fair.