Meaning Of, Role: Anhui



Meaning Of, Role: Anhui

Issued " on dwelling crane instrument registry government chief view ", to the Anhui region Chizhou town all dwelling raising instrumentation for register, in accordance with the filing details and everybody data on the erection hoisting instrumentation number, to the asset authentic item relieved making hoisting machinery for the register, and the organisation of data bank in network, which is suitable for elevating devices as well as instrumentation joint to data, supervision as well as governmental authority.

Three is to extend the administration regime, increase superintendency strength, Anhui province Chizhou town dwelling as well as urban as well as Rural Construction Committee to actively support the dwelling web page monitoring of major peril origin data program, the establishment of creating website integrity appraisement and observing info program for creating establishments to enquire for or prolongation of integrity manufacturing patent as well as design integrity quality norm manifestation website. The video watching scheme may present the primal conditions of creating web page, the image of advancing as well as the variances of schedule quality safety to comprehend functional, real-time inspecting of dwelling web page, efficient, convenient as well as security administration info program. Joined with the control as well as safety checkup, Anhui field Chizhou town dwelling and city as well as country making organization and selection of dwelling lifting appliances professionals to participate in the check categorize, the making hoisting tools as a center of the work of checkup.