Modern, Facts - Construction



Modern, Facts - Construction

Help milk cow sex-control cell transplanting method and other up-to-date tactics, optimize variant, strengthen infection impeding and illness killing as well as making an attempt system construction, perform scientifical governmental authority and large-scale operation and create all intensions in helping the transposition of weighty as well as auxiliary industries. Suitably act farming section as well as water preservation making, newly elevate water-save irrigation sector of 100, 000 mu and newly grow paddy section of 100, 000 mu.

Huge intensions have been done to widen country medical attitude as well as public health undertakings and to strengthen the communal health circumambiency and clinical cure unit structure. Enhance the producing of town and township cultural location, focus on the evolution folk talents and literature as well as village as well as town culture.

Seek numerous opportunities for fresh countryside building, and exert for more policy succour. Bring the creating units' duties into whole play as well as correctly regulation the realization of construction aid projects. Utterly fill out the releases of 141 provincial-level pilot townships. Improve the country prior enterprise dwelling, perfect the scheme of ˇ° one matter, one discussionˇ± and ˇ° opening of township transactions to villagersˇ± as well as succour rights leadership. Cautiously make the second national farming interview issues.

Activate scientific and technical novelty. Obstructs in 07 years since startup repair preventing engineering creating, in compliance with the extending of the town' s " city back into the garden", combining field structure demand, now 16 ended partnership takeovers, rose to nearly 1060 acres. Concurrently, in the reasonable branch, and provide complete care to keep.