Modern, Interesting - Dushanbe



Modern, Interesting - Dushanbe

Up-to-date Dushanbe is a true "garden city", its enormous boulevards and worn-out backstreets lined with towering musa paradisiaca as well as poplar trees, giving the city the perception of a leafy oasis on hot summer days.

In sources it' s called " Kasabai Dushanbe" that is directive of the position of the city.

Afterward it united with townships of Sari Osiyo as well as Shohmansur.

The equal year a cine studio was stared. Promptly on the Varzob river the 1st hydro electrical location was built as well as the finance lit up with energy. In 1938 city growing with the persons of 170 000 was planned out.

The central track of the cash is Rudaki Avenue, named after the renowned Tajikistan poet.

It' s almost Twelve km long from the railway line site to the access in the hill wolf down of Varzob. Basis alongside the street permits noticing many positions of gain of central Dushanbe. In the authentic arm of the statue maintains the emblem of country unity as well as revival of Tajikistan - a gold royal compel.

The Republican library houses several 2 million books in plentiful languages. The professional Tajik theatre in Dushanbe came into existence in 1929. It was created on the establish of a study categorize of art novice outputs.

The Country hard " Kohi Vahdat" (Palace of Unity) adorns the part of North of the cash.

Big balance public as well as business sessions, forums, conferences, symposiums, congresses as well as another substantial operations are carried out at this building. One of the other call for the northern part of the town is - ' studencheskaya.