Modern, Value Douala



Modern, Value Douala

The city is as well house to the major commerce in Cameroon, the Eko Market.

Douala has the largest airport and harbour in Cameroon and is considered the economical capital of the state. Sights and activities in Douala: markets, nightlife, beaches and trekkingThere are plenty of nearby places of interest outside Douala but the city itself proposes minimum of precise income to visitors. Akwa is the central district of the town, whereas Banajo is the administrative district.

The Mile Six branch has pleasant black sand beaches as well as several hostels as well as pubs.

Kribi is disposed 80 km from Douala. The principal wet season is among July as well as October, during that road excursion is commonly complex.

Photo: Elin B, used under Creative Commons License 0) There are rains also from March to June, along with casual highly high temperatures, and a drier season from Nov to February. Trip to Douala can be performed by air, road, or rail.

Hire auto in Douala is procurable, and means of transport can be employed also with a local driver. You' ll require a four-wheel drive vehicle to drive external the prior ways.

Hotels in Douala cater in essence to the corporation callers, so they basically have high quality as well as prices. There're a lot of fine bars in Douala, with African, French as well as Lebanese courses disposable. Safety.

Douala isn' t a extremely perilous spot, but has its quota of poorness and crime of petty, so it' s better to escape attending the bad outskirts of the town and going round at night.