Purpose Of, Some Facts - Construct



Purpose Of, Some Facts - Construct

Actively uphold current farming science as well as technology, further optimize the domestic system of planting industry, strengthen momentous plants magnificent industries erection as well as design the superior quality grain production institution of the state.

Upkeep milk cow sex-control implant transplant method as well as another new ways, optimize variety, strengthen infection averting and illness homicide as well as sampling scheme creating, perform scientific management and large-scale function and create all tries in promoting the of major as well as auxiliary industries. Shift scientifical as well as technological recency. Duly act farming section as well as water preservation creating, newly grow water-save irrigation section of 100, 000 mu and anew raise paddy field of 100, 000 mu.

Stimulate the erection of highways associating to fields as well as villages, with the ended Highway distance of 1567 km.

Proceed to do nice the pilots and activate the advance of up-to-date countryside producing. Search multifold alternatives for present-day countryside producing, and rival for more scheme help. Carry the producing units' ways into total play and suitably check the realization of creating aid plans. Completely fill in the goals of 141 provincial-level pilot villages. Perfect the rural weighty firm construction, perfect the scheme of ˇ° one situation, one discussionˇ± as well as ˇ° opening of countryside acts to villagersˇ± and help majority rule governmental authority.

Better teaching way making, and further optimize the educational evolution circumambiency.

Realize ˇ° birth survey actionˇ± and move the novel technique producing of men as well as birth revise.