Role Of, Important Facts: Center



Role Of, Important Facts: Center

Nevertheless, the instrument environ as well as information web erection of Gongzhuling lags at the back of, and objects data programme hasn' t although ended, with a miss of information watching system as well as net operating scheme, which cannot view the sell have a desire, and we must extend the strength of information services; with e-commerce system, through the joined usage of PC networks, GPS global satellite positioning, GIS geographic data system fine technology, realize the transmutation as well as complementation of It to ordinary carry sector; this mightily refines the attitude level of directed sources, and the ratio of current government.

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In the instrumentation centre, e-commerce trading program as well as program scheme structure matter consist of data center, business center, trading centre, distribution center, settlement center, and safe screening leadership center; it` s linked to chief equipments centre web page, small, medium and large-sized corporations in the side of information, transaction, business as well as technology, thus creating a selling Internet, transaction web, information inquiry web page, and auxiliary decision-making site that can support e-finance, information as well as shopping direct operates, online ruling and extending guidance, monitoring of commodities and cost dynamics, production as well as flow projections, forecasting, early word of caution works, and with judicious chart, clear schedule, complete duties, and tough light. In such manner, information acting as well as joint corporations are obviously connected, which supports the development of linked industries, and manufacturing percentage of firms can be attempted consequently.

It` s a huge scale info scheme plan that signifies the government' s economical system rule and manages decision-making, promotes the economic advancing of Jilin Province, and expands the value-added chain of information net. Gongzhuling City keeps all forms of facilities in scientific learn, engineering and tech consulting services. Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Siping Institute of Science as well as Technology, Gongzhuling City Vocational Education Center presents competency certify for the processing of Gongzhuling City, complete talent culture, growth system has been produced.

In the surrounding of making web page, the surroundings is accomplished, transportation is cozy, and the means factors requested by producing are relatively accomplished.

It is a transport trace in the three northeastern computes.