Some Facts, Important Things: Common



Some Facts, Important Things: Common

The dwelling capability of the North element of the town is for 120 thousand people.

The riverbank part in economical growing field will shape a firm centre acting the perfected accomplishing industry. Three rings: innermost ring space, third annular space route, fourth ring track.

Within the triad annular space route, there are fundamentally multi-level as well as superior erections as well as chief housing.

There` re identical servicing operates, middle schools and fundamental schools in distinct positions. The students in prime school join the closest school in their district.

The housing facility of the aged district of city is for 60 people for thousands.

Not long ago, the center of the seriousness is in the East piece, for the race network between this district as well as the old district of city doesn' t connect thus well.

It` s detachedly typically to two house-building part in the West side as well as North side.

Public prior center in the North part of the city: it` s the lately political, economic as well as center of culture of Shangyu.

Amend the specialities and methods of centers of business in multifarious degree.

One core: I. Twelve points: dozen cooperation centres of business.

Fifteen streets: xv unique streets. Sports centre of the aged district: it is located on the confluence of Xinjian way as well as Shunjiang road with basketball recreation ground, swim pool, field as well as path land and so on.

The medicinal facility mostly varieties three level structures of communal clinic, regional clinic, and community clinic.