Some Facts, Value Implement



Some Facts, Value Implement

Usually fulfill the medium-term and long-dated scientifical and technological planning, strengthen the scientifical as well as technical invention system dwelling, strengthen the independent recency competency and build an innovative town.

Realization of trademark scheme is shifted by the city to land as well as realize the scientifical way of advancing, adjust as well as optimize industrial institute, improve the competitiveness of agencies an efficient course. In 2010, the city firms to actively carry out the brand policy, brand doings contained in urging to take distinguished ends. Institute and magnificent business secret appropriate defence system, promote competence sharing as well as obliging soaring, and money as well as gather talents with scientifical and technological plans as the carriers. Contend to widen the elaborating industries for instance big data central electronic info, new medical science and great health, and present structure matters.

Standardize and create 69 community national health tending associations, which could roof 75% of the city people. Generate a novel district women and babies health safety centre, alter as well as extend 2 district clinics and 1 district traditional Chinese medical clinic.

Ground as well as great medical science price commencing system, standardize the benefit and expense governmental authority of clinical attitude firms, correct the unidirectional gain inventing tendency as well as define the challenge of hospitalization difficulties and expensive from the spring. Deepen the cultural building. Take the making of National Civilized City as the focus, and solely consolidate the Socialist mental culture making.

Further reinforce partnership cultural structure, and rise communal cultural works.

Present cultural schedule, develop secret cultural companies, attract oversea investing, develop high-grade as well as high-taste cultural operating plans, and consecutively trigger the cultural industry developing.

Accurately produce population and birth check puzzles. Firm up the minimal birth rate ratio as well as conclude the persons challenge corresponding to schedule as a overall.