Task Of, Learn - Adana



Task Of, Learn - Adana

Scheme install out to bring Turkish Cultural Associations conjointly. A amount of three obstructs programme consists five hundred locate theatre as well as exhibition hall, as fine as organizations, meeting rooms, guest chambers, courtyard - elaborated for different aspects as well as the 00 position restaurant that invites visitors to uncover Turkish cooking.

Novel uses of live glass products and constructive structures also as opulent decision of splendid materials are purposed to be exploited in this structure. One of the centre details of this project is a flexible display district that is destined to supply miscellaneous artworks as well as statues. A metal perforated panel on the top of the exhibition hall affords for an ever-changing as well as periodically transitory quality to the structure with the support of direct sun light.

So that invent the light in weight floors more equilibrated the worths of glass panels are made to be advanced. This walkway commences of South East as well as goes on to the West through the making and embraced with the ligneous covering. The prior enthrall of the erection originates to the open air where all the operates can be reached from land rate comprising offices, theatre, exhibition section as well as restaurant.

This was to emphasis the ripeness of the making with the Earth ratio quite creating isolation sense of the plan from the Earth degree. This improved operational volume not solely does a rousing relationship with the whole structure nonetheless also supplies a display that mirrors coming situations.