Task Of, Learn - Countryside



Task Of, Learn - Countryside

Profoundly perform ˇ° Agricultural Products Quality Safety Lawˇ±, and provide the quality integrity of agricultural commodities.

Persist upon supporting avidity food brand and accepting the special road, taking the conduct in understanding the general contamination-free planting of primary agricultural products, with the green eating planting sector of 6. Support milk cow sex-control cell transplanting technique as well as other novel ways, optimize diversity, strengthen pollution averting and disease killing as well as making an attempt scheme building, perform scientifical governmental authority as well as large-scale work and produce all tries in aiding the transposition of principal as well as auxiliary industries.

Reinforce farming infrastructure construction, and better farming overall production capacity. Set more efforts in encircling adjoin structure, and have accomplished the artificial reforestation of 347, 000 mu.

Huge tries have been produced to develop rural medical cure as well as communal health undertakings as well as to improve the national health entourage and clinical concern group construction.

Go on to do good the pilots and shift the evolution of up-to-date countryside creating.

Seek numerous chances for new countryside making, and rival for more strategics aid. Bring the creating units' duties in whole play as well as rightly rule the realization of structure maintain projects. Particularly fill in the challenges of 141 provincial-level pilot villages. Advance the country primal society producing, perfect the scheme of ˇ° one case, one discussionˇ± and ˇ° opening of township dealings to villagersˇ± as well as maintenance democratism government. Thoroughly accomplish the second country agricultural interview objects. Proceed to complete the tactic of revitalizing the city through science and training as well as the policy of refreshing the city through talents, comprehensively raise miscellaneous social undertakings as well as succour the harmonious expanding of economical society.