Term Of, Facts - Countryside



Term Of, Facts - Countryside

Energetically promote present-day farming science as well as method, further optimize the internal organization of planting industry, strengthen grave crops amazing industries creating and invent the high quality grain production foundation of the country. Profoundly complete ˇ° Agricultural Products Quality Safety Lawˇ±, and ensure the quality security of farming products.

Upkeep milk cow sex-control egg transplanting technique as well as another novel tactics, optimize alternative, strengthen pollution averting as well as sickness assassinating and testing system construction, perform scientifical government and large-scale operating as well as produce all trials in maintaining the transposition of prior as well as auxiliary industries.

Support, support and guide the farmers to institute plentiful connections to develop the ratio of farming enterprise. In pursuit of manifold augment for economical processing, this agenda seeks for an equitable expanding in the countryside to unfasten the prospect of country locations. Rightly operate farming area as well as water conservancy structure, newly extend water-save irrigation area of 100, 000 mu as well as again increase paddy field of 100, 000 mu.

The administration is assist the locals to prefer technological novations that will allow meal manufacturing as well as present genuine shelters in the rural positions. Improve the creating of town as well as township cultural position, focus on the evolution folk understanding and literature as well as township and town culture. Superb intensions have been generated to elevate country medical cure and national health undertakings and to strengthen the national health infrastructure and medicinal cure unit building. Novel rural collaborative medicinal treatment scheme and country medicinal attitude support system, and strive to realize up-to-date collaborative medicinal concern overall coverage.

Continue to do good the pilots as well as rouse the advancing of fresh countryside building. Heavily maintenance the experiences of Xingshisi Village of Gannan County.