Things, Important Things - Laiwu



Things, Important Things - Laiwu

Have been disclosed. The displayed reserves of coal is 0. 95 billion tons as well as ironstone is 0.

At the moment 4 million lots of conventional coal and 3. At present, the 0.

billion meters Gray fabric as well as Eighteen million segments of outfits. There're 44 companies of ferric as well as steel in Laiwu city, among that Twenty five are for auto particulars, therefore Laiwu city is the manufacture base of ferric as well as steel, automobile particularities and a main manufacture base of fabrics and outfits.

Laiwu` s' three Black" is the good sorts of poultry as well as stock in North Chinese people' s Republic. In Laiwu town, there are over 1, 000 ruling establishments for agriculture create with a entire annual manufacturing ability of 470, 000 tons as well as 125 permanent warehouses that is the biggest continuous warehouse group.

The entire performing competency is 2 million Kg James watt as well as the yearly performing energy is Ten billion kilo watt/ H. The grant of coal gas is sufficient with a every day pose ability of 70, 000 cubic meters. The natural gas will be set in apply soon.

Its solidity of expressways ranks the 1st in Sandong area. The upper 2 expressways will be crossed at Laiwu as well as combine the two railways of Jiaodong-Jinan as well as Beijing - Shanghai and will produce the traffic more cozy.

43 billion cubic meters, the ability of every day urban water provide has obtained 205, 000 cubic meters as well as the publicity rate of water furnish has acquired 98%: The size of allocated platform directed electronic mesh switch scheme has 320, 000 switches.