Things, Things - Krasnodar



Things, Things - Krasnodar

Two years ago a large-scale reconstruction project was stared, but barely presently, after the assumption of the detailed technique, it propels to a general new standard, and does it fair how the city will advance in addition following Ten years.

Within city creation Krasnodar city there` re 5 village stations as well as 28 villages. Volume of the constant people on costing data of the data reports office on 01. On the census data of 2002 age in the Kuban currency there are over 120 states. Krasnodar is a great industrial centre of Russia. Here the ternary of industrial obtainable of Kuban is specialized - over 120 big concerns, manufacturing the multivarious goods. The heavy industry accounts for 33 percent of all the size of industrial goods. The design of light as well as forest dealing industry produces up 38% as well as the groceries industry - 26% of all the production size. The foodstuffs industry is represented by the fat-and-oil, meat, diary and tobacco interfused works. Drastic branch in elevating agricultural part in town economy carried by farming communities of Krasnodar.

Farming section has six science universities; most of them are national ones.

Krasnodar municipal scheme of communal health operating takes the prime level in Russia on several facts. In Krasnodar there are Russian center of functional surgery on gastroenterology, the local homeopathic hearth, the 1st Center of pectoral surgery in Russia.

Krasnodar is extensively demanded as the center of agricultural modifications not just at a Russian, but as well at the Universe' s rate.