Things About, Important Facts Citadel



Things About, Important Facts Citadel

Fortress was neighbored by two probabilities and contained the ruler’ s spot, Treasury as well as prison. IX-XII ages are the era of prospering industry, trade as well as culture.

Mongol-Tatar masses entered the blank town as well as devastated it to the basement.

Per the rule of the newest Temurids Tashkent was topic to supreme rulers of Samarkand, then to Bukara’ s Governor, or to ruler of Fergana.

In XVI century Bukhara’ s Governor generated marches on Tashkent. In 1582 Abdulla-Khan at the end exposed Tashkent to his code. By that time Tashkent finally got its contemporary name.

At that time the city included of 4 daha (Sheikhantaur, Beshagach, Kukcha as well as Sebzar) that were governed by Fourth self-maintained Governors - khodjas. Their rule is named the" period 4 Governors. While their aspiring for overcoming the entire city caused armed confrontation.

With the launch of his ruling the single Tashkent country with its own tactics and Army was vested. Protection fences taking into account the extending of artillery was generated.

Height of theirs got 8 meters, and the depth at the foundation attained 2 meters. Independence of Tashkent completed in XIX century in consequence of its conquer by the Kokand Khanate.

In the second half of XIX century tsarist Russia made efforts to conquer the city, that terminated with coup on June 16, 1865, and in 1867 this became the managerial centre of Turkestan district.

Tashkent also turned to the spot of exiles of people unsuitable for the Russian King.