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Things About, Interesting - Field

Three centers: North part of the city, economic evolving section, old district of city.

The old city district will be reconstructed to be a traditional enterprise as well as dwelling centre over organic compromise. The riverbank section in economic improving sector will variety a company centre serving the heightened processing industry.

Inner ring as the life halo tenders public tending to the men in downtown. Within the third annular space direction, there are in general multi-tier as well as superior dwellings and prime dwelling. The fourth route is generated for cross-boarder.

The house-building ability of the aged district of city is for Sixty thousand people.

The dwelling facility of the South component of the town is for Thirty five people for thousands.

So then it' is not proper to expand very. It` s detachedly in essence to 2 housing area in the West side as well as North side. 5 grave schools as well as 1 middle school are projected.

Shangyu Middle School is stored in the West part of economical growing section. 2 middle schools as well as 2 grave schools are projected.

Communal sub centre of the old city district: kind communal public sub center with concluded act of corporation as well as tourism. National sub center in the West element of the city: type public centre superfine by enterprise and new trading. Managerial centre is accomodated on the merger of thirdly halo itinerary (North) and Jiangdong road, which engages state management, citizen service, city fair and so on.

Amend the specialities and ways of busine cent in multiple rate. Reasonable demonstration, separate entire figure, partly centralization should be repaid attention to. 1 municipal organisation center.