Things About, Types Construct



Things About, Types Construct

Invent superb endevours in the expanding of agricultural programs partnership institutions as well as the promotion of centralized land large-scale operating.

Help milk cow sex-control bud transplant technique and another up-to-date ways, optimize choice, strengthen pollution preventing as well as illness killing as well as testing system structure, perform scientifical direction as well as large-scale action as well as create all tries in promoting the of important and auxiliary industries. Absolutely realize the medium-term and longterm scientific as well as technological planning, strengthen the scientifical as well as technological novation system producing, strengthen the independent novelty competency and design an innovative city.

New rural cooperative clinical concern system and rural clinical concern aid system, and endeavour to comprehend up-to-date collaborative medicinal treatment general scope.

Maintenance rural drinking water safety plan construction, 360 wells have been drilled and the drinking water security trouble of 208, 000 has been decided. Put more tries on the entire township aid for poverty-aiding as well as elaborating, and 60, 000 persons from 163 villages have been eliminated poorness.

Rise tutoring manner erection, and onwards improve the educative progressing circumambiency. Since parallelled with a metro or city metro, light railway will be cheaper to construct and operate, but it rules at a more low speed. This backs up a viewable being as covering public carry, offers better penetration of urban places, enjoys better security, and creates below uproar. Carry ˇ° birth attention actionˇ± and shift the up-to-date mechanism producing of people as well as birth ruling.